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Oct 31, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >>> with president obama off the campaign trail right now because of hurricane sandy, both vice president biden and republican presidential candidate mitt romney are trying to shore up votes in the battleground state of florida. >> a brand novar via shows romney has slunk the president's lead in florida to just a single point. he avoided directly attacking the president. the vice president had no problems hammering the republican ticket for not giving straight answers. >> with these guys everything depends. it depends on the audience you're talking to. >> i don't just talk about change; i actually have a plan to execute change. and to make it happen. >> and at today's rally romney asked the supporters to donate to the red cross. president obama will be back on the campaign trail tomorrow with stops in wisconsin, nevada and colorado. lesli? >>> early voting centers reopened in maryland today after being closed during the hurricane. prince george's county executive baker and other local leaders stopped by in landover today. the wayne curry sports and learning center is one of five early voting lo
Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >> all right, from the va hospital center. thank you so much for coming in. >> yes. >> back over to you. >> thank you. >>> and still ahead, new information about those anti- obama chess messages that we first learned on 9news. >>> a new view of hurricane sandy and the kick to the city that will never sleep. >>> but first, using marshmallows to solve the world's problems? how they are doing that at one local cool school. >>> they are teaching locally. making a big stop up here in maryland. how could something as simple as the marshmallow help the students learn how to solve the problems of the world? well, we will take you to the school as they find out. >> have you ever wondered how the tall buildings will stay up in the air? >> they don't have to wonder. >> they'll do three of these. >> the fifth graders are putting engineering basics to work. >> what's the strongest thing to build with? >> usually triangles. >> reporter: their materials, marshmallow and raw spaghetti. their inspiration? >> the empire state building? >> that's a pretty tall one. >> oh wow, very cool. >> the sears tower
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2